Home Comforts

Home Comforts was an art project for older people living in three care homes across Newcastle, making high quality arts accessible to all and building positive and meaningful relationships with residents, their families and care workers.

Participants from Dene Park, Kenton Hall and St Joseph’s Care Homes were supported to experience different artforms and techniques – photographic collage, music, ceramics and sensory work using natural materials - to give participant’s the chance to try new creative things and, in some cases, to rekindle former skills.

Joining Sharon were ceramic artists Lindsey Grieves and Annabel Talbot, community musician Gary Bowden and environmental artist Jyl Friggens.

It was a pleasure to work alongside activity coordinators in each place, to support the wonderful work they already do, and to give fresh ideas and encouragement after what has been a challenging couple of years.

It is essential to find new ways to integrate the arts into our care home settings, alongside activity co-ordinators, to celebrate their tremendous skills and talents and to help benefit older people longer term.

I believe that whatever your age, having access to the arts is a basic universal human right

Home Comforts was devised alongside the arts officer of Newcastle City Council, Ale Flannigan Wood, with the support of a Covid Recovery grant from Newcastle Council Public Health, and Charlie Wilkinson, the engagement support coordinator at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University.

Home Comforts films, made by John Quinn