Home Alone Together

Since the lockdown I’ve been in regular contact with older people stuck at home for long periods of time.  Their situation has worsened but, in many ways, it has remained the same, highlighting the social and health inequalities in our communities.  Not one person I know has the Internet or a mobile phone. For a … Read More

Home Alone

An older woman sits in her living room, alone.  She speaks to us about her day-to-day experience, an experience that a growing number of older people in our communities face.  Her living room is a busy shopping centre and what is normally hidden from view is open to public attention.   For eight months I … Read More

FAR artist residency

2019, Newcastle City Council My artist residency with Fenham Association of Residents, their volunteers and the wider community, celebrated the women who have shaped and steered its’ programme over the last 30 years. Working alongside ceramic artist Annette Poulson we created artwork to reflect on the social, economic, political and cultural challenges that have taken … Read More