Corners of Europe East Durham

Corners of Europe drew threads between people and places on the outer edges of Europe, from Taranto in Italy to Gdansk in Poland, from the Balkans to South East Northumberland CORNERS considered what we share and what defines us.

In 2017 nine international artists worked with communities in East Durham for the final Corners event. Working with our local partner East Durham Creates, we brought three projects to Horden, Shotton and Blackhall, each produced by D6. I was Programme Manager in Blyth and Digital Engagement Manager for Corners of Europe.

Through a series of mapping workshops, people from Blackhall shared stories of social, environmental and industrial changes that have shaped the village today (Voiceover).  Conversations, stories, readings, music and field recordings were be presented as a unique soundtrack shared both locally and across Europe through a live radio broadcast performed at Blackhall Community Centre from a Portable Online Broadcast Unit. Voiceover is a collaboration between artists Julie Myers (UK), Bojan Mucko (Croatia) and Lucyna Kolendo (Poland).

Residents of Shotton rediscovered their village through Safari Here. Through an accumulative process of workshops and curated spaces, Safari Here collect and re-interpret the unique stories and secrets of each place they visit, and in turn presents them back to their local audience through a travel agency, a unique guided tour, and short film. Safari Here is a collaboration between Maria Anastassiou (UK), Isabella Mongelli (Italy) and Milos Tomic (Serbia).

Playground developed a multi-media playground space across public spaces in Horden, with a series of playable European games surrounded by film, audio recordings and lighting that recreate the atmosphere these games are played in. The games discovered through conversations with local people have been added to a growing compendium of games from across Europe, and will go on to be shared on other corners of the continent. Playground is a collaboration between Simon Farid (UK), Gianfranco Mirizzi (Croatia) and Riccardo Spagnulo (Italy).

Designed and driven by cultural organisations working on the edges of Europe, Corners of Europe brought together artists and audiences through research, artwork, collaboration, and digital exchange. Corners was a collaboration between D6 (UK), Drugo More (HR), REX (RS), Pogon (HR), Exodos (SI), Intercult (SE), Teatro Publico Pugliese (IT), Dokufest (KO), San Sebastian 2016 (ES), CCI Gdansk (PL) Arts Council Northern Ireland (UK)

Corners of Europe in East Durham was produced by D6 Culture in Transit (formerly ISIS Arts)