Corners of Europe Blyth

CORNERS of Europe drew threads between people and places on the outer edges of Europe, from Taranto in Italy to Gdansk in Poland, from the Balkans to South East Northumberland Corners considered what we share and what defines us.

In May 2016 CORNERS artworks were presented across public spaces in Blyth, created by over 20 international artists working creatively with groups from South East Northumberland. I was Programme Manager in Blyth and Digital Engagement Manager for Corners of Europe.

Two new projects were premiered at this event, both co-produced by D6[Voiceover], a collaboration between Julie Myers (UK), Lucyna Kolendo (Poland) and Bojan Mucko (Croatia), is a series of mapping workshops and live radio broadcast that explore the social, industrial and environmental history of neighbourhoods across Europe; and Safari Here, a collaboration between Maria Anastassiou (UK), Isabella Mongelli (Italy) and Milos Tomic (Serbia), asks audiences to rediscover their town through an alternative travel agency and guided tour.


Other projects presented were:

Oh my Home - Lost and Found, an installation of woven bags and short performances that ask us to reflect on and re-define the meaning of the word ‘home’ and a collaboration between Lalya Gaye (UK), Saadia Hussain (Sweden) and Ixone Ormaetxea (Basque Country);

Bridging the Silence, a visual and sound installation created by Hrvoslava Brkušić (Croatia), Deirdre Cartmill (Northern Ireland) and Beatriz Churruca (Spain). The audio walk takes inspiration from the emotions and inner journeys under taken by survivors, using the symbolism of crossing a bridge to narrate the personal stories, testimonies and feelings experienced

Windows, a participatory performance piece by Valeria Simone (Italy), Michael Hanna (Northern Ireland) and Asier Zabaleta (Spain) where local residents of each location were presented with a series of questions on topics ranging from local to existential issues. The residents were given red and green lights, designed to signify their answers to the artist's questions, by displaying the lights in the windows of their homes. Visitors outside were also encouraged to participate, by moving between red and green lit areas, to answer the questions.

CORNERS of Europe in Blyth was supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Arts Council England, bait, The Esmée Fairburn Foundation, The Community Foundation and The Polish Cultural Institute.

CORNERS of Europe in Blyth was made possible by our partnership with bait, as well as the continued support and involvement of local partners.

Designed and driven by cultural organisations working on the edges of Europe, Corners of Europe brought together artists and audiences through research, artwork, collaboration, and digital exchange. Corners was a collaboration between D6 (UK), Drugo More (HR), REX (RS), Pogon (HR), Exodos (SI), Intercult (SE), Teatro Publico Pugliese (IT), Dokufest (KO), San Sebastian 2016 (ES), CCI Gdansk (PL) Arts Council Northern Ireland (UK)

Corners of Europe in East Durham was produced by D6 Culture in Transit (formerly ISIS Arts)